Adtran Blue Socket vWLAN

Virtualization delivers enormous benefits, such as increased performance, outstanding reliability, unsurpassed scalability, infrastructure efficiency and savings in CAPEX/OPEX. ADTRAN’s virtual wireless LAN (vWLAN) solution was created from the realization that the same benefits of server virtualization could be brought to the wireless networking environment. Rather than deploying hardware controllers to operate a wireless network, ADTRAN’s vWLAN solution enables centralized control and management of the WLAN onto software that runs on a hypervisor (e.g. VMware) or on an inexpensive appliance. The vWLAN approach completely eliminates the need for, common constraints of and costs related to physical hardware controllers – resulting in significant CAPEX, OPEX and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) cost savings.

vWLAN frees the control of the wireless network from the LAN, making it possible to control wireless access points from anywhere in the networked world. IT departments can enjoy more flexibility since the control function does not have to reside on the same LAN as the access points. And just like server virtualization, shifting away from single-purpose servers has a dramatic effect on the scaling and operation of a wireless network. As you can imagine, eliminating a controller has significant benefit for a single location but it has an even greater impact for a multi-site company. Large hardware controllers can only support 150 access points and about 4,000 users whereas a single instance of a virtual WLAN running on a hypervisor can support 1,500 access points and up to 48,000 users!

Within a wireless LAN, legacy hardware controllers have complexities and scale limitations – the method of scaling has been to add more and more costly hardware controllers. with ADTRAN’s vWLAN solution the power of virtualization is available to wireless networks. vWLAN virtualizes network control and management onto software which runs on a hypervisor or virtual appliance. This strategy eliminates the need, cost, and all the operational constraints inherent to hardware controllers – resulting in significant cost savings.

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