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TRCA's CloudOffice brings the best in technology and software applications to the SMB market. Get your core line of business applications like Office 2013, Exchange 2013, ShareFile, and QuickBooks all for one cost effective price. Additionally, we can support almost any application that runs your business and will monitor and maintain your core infrastructure: firewall, routers, switches, etc.

The New Approach to Business Applications and IT Services

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Virtual Desktop Disaster Recovery Infrastructure Envelope

Virtual Desktop

The interface of CloudOffice runs on TRCA’s most advanced solution, our virtual desktop. Our virtual desktop is powered by the HDX protocol which delivers rich HD graphics and accelerated performance. We can package your business applications and add them to your CloudOffice. Your employees will be working in an enterprise-grade environment that is controlled and monitored 24x7x365

Disaster Recovery

Unlike many competitive products, CloudOffice was built on a multi-tenanted Geo Load Balanced Active/Active architecture. This unique design offers several benefits to its end users but most importantly means that customers’ virtual environments are built redundantly upon one another creating the ultimate design in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

Infrastructure as a Service

TRCA’s CloudOffice solution replaces a client’s physical IT infrastructure by moving all the customer applications to the Cloud. This eliminates the need for the client’s IT team to maintain and support the physical hardware. CloudOffice is fully backed by Active Directory architecture to simplify the deployment of user accounts.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Hosted Exchange within CloudOffice enables you to communicate using business-grade email while eliminating the need to upgrade and maintain a physical Exchange server. Archiving and encryption services are available for compliance and security purposes. Tailor your solutions based on your unique needs and ensure that your communications are always available.




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