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 According to a study by Aberdeen Group, the cost of downtime and data loss for Small Businesses can be potentially fatal. The average cost of downtime, according to survey respondents was $8.6k per hour. The average cost of downtime, as calculated based on lost revenue (assuming 24x7x365 operations), was $2.9K per hour. Average cost of downtime, as calculated based on lost productivity (assuming a fully loaded cost of $100K per employee per year) was $8.5K per hour. Of the 200+ small businesses that responded to the survey, they experienced an average 1.7 unplanned downtime events per year with a average disruption time of 6.7 hours.

Looking at these numbers, it becomes clear that the cost of unplanned downtime can easily soar into the thousands due to lost productivity and sales. TRCA can provide solutions that prevent and mitigate any unplanned downtime.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) provides businesses with cost-effective disaster recovery services offering critical storage-based replication and recovery within a managed environment in the cloud. Companies that are affected after natural disasters or server failure lose a lot of revenue. In addition to revenue loss, many reports state that companies that experience downtime are more likely to go out of business than companies that have a DR plan in place.

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The Benefits of Moving to Disaster Recovery as a Service: 

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TRCA’s Disaster Recovery as a Service works by first securely safeguarding your data in the cloud. Our annual recovery testing deduplication allows the fasted RTO in the industry. We can have you back up and running within minutes of a disaster with our CloudFailover solution. Our solutions will secure your business data and ensure minimal downtime in the event of a disaster. Keep your business applications and data safe and accessible at all times with CloudRecovery.

Any Size Business

You don’t have to be an enterprise-sized business to design the right DRaaS plan. With the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry, your budget won’t get in the way of safeguarding and recovering your data. Eliminate upfront costs and save on pricey equipment and maintenance while receiving a solution that will protect you effectively. With our pay-as-you-go plan, pay only for what you use and experience a service that is scalable according to your individual business needs.

Peace of Mind

Today’s business environment is more heavily reliant on technology and business applications than at any point in the past. The inability to access key applications for even a matter of days could put a company out of business. TRCA’s CloudIntelligence team will listen to your business needs and design the right Disaster Recovery as a Service plan for your business. TRCA offers a 100% uptime guarantee.


TRCA’s data centers feature on-premises security guards, an exterior security system, biometric systems including palm scanners and security scanners, and continuous digital surveillance and recording. We meet and exceed standards such the majority of government security standards. With CloudRecovery, you are working with a team that offers 24x7x365 monitoring and support for your system so you can always have someone to turn to with questions and concerns.


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