Procurement services and logistics is a very exciting portion of TRCA’s service offering, and we have definitely seen major growth in this particular area of business. Not only do we provide new, refurbished, and repair services for equipment, but TRCA can also become your single point of contact for procurement of any IT equipment, as well as provide asset management for your business.

TRCA has almost 30 years of experience dealing in wholesale procurement and purchasing. We have a list of preferred distributors, and have established rapport with each and every one of them. Whether it’s a barcode scanner or a new blade server, give us the opportunity to quote – you may be pleasantly surprised at TRCA’s purchasing power and discounted pricing!

We take advantage of our almost-100,000 square feet of warehousing by storing much of our clients’ IT components in-house. We also have ancillary warehousing in case of natural disaster to ensure redundancy of your stock. TRCA’s Asset Management is multi-faceted. We have agreements with some companies to provide warehousing services for their IT equipment. When items are needed, a ticket is created, the TRCA operations team identifies and assembles required components from our shelves, packages them, and ships rapidly and directly to the destination.

TRCA has agreements with other clients that are slightly more invasive. Some of our clients store their IT assets with us. Whenever a new store is opened, or a repair needs to be completed, a ticket is submitted. From there, the appropriate stock is pulled from our shelves. Our operations team then images and configures the particular devices in preparation for shipment. Once a device has completed configuration and testing, the item is re-packaged, and professionally shipped to site, where 90 percent of the time a TRCA technician is installing that piece of equipment.

We perform these services for something as simple as a receipt printer with dip switch configuration that needs to be applied, all the way through an entire new store deployment where TRCA configures POS stations, BOH servers, digital signage servers, Veriphone credit card scanners, routers, and switches. We like to call this treatment a “store in a box.” In either scenario, you can utilize TRCA’s nationwide footprint to install these peripherals on site.

TRCA began by refurbishing telephone equipment in a garage. We continue that tradition with a professional lab and team that specializes in this process. If your organization is using an older system at your stores, and you have a new system picked out, but aren’t quite ready to spend the capital on it, TRCA can help extend the life of legacy assets. We have assisted organizations in increasing the life expectancy of the equipment, allowing them to make that investment when the time is right. The bonus is knowing you can sleep well at night with a proven plan in place to support older systems.

Give TRCA a chance to quote or advise on your next asset investment!

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