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Simplify your life by working with a single authorized vendor who understands your hardware and carrier service needsWe find ways to provide more speed, more services, and better performance for your carrier dollar.

As companies add more cloud solutions, more applications….collateral damage often occurs.  Future proof your network by choosing a provider that can quickly expand to meet your demands.  You will gain immediate access to engineers that take a fresh look at your network, with recommendations that any IT Manager should value. Contact us today for a no cost, no obligation analysis of your current telco or data provisioning.  You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

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1.  The carrier sales rep works solely for, and is paid by, one carrier.  Whatever your application is, the rep finds some solution, based on the technology the carrier has available.  Remember, this solution may not be the best solution for you, but it is the best solution the carrier can offer.

2.  The independent sales agent (TRCA) is generally a better person to chat with.  She probably represents four or five different carriers, all with different strengths, weaknesses, and support levels.  The best thing about an independent sales agent is that the agent doesn’t have any allegiance to any one of the networks – just as long as you’re happy and you renew contracts. 

TRCA has negotiated national contracts with over 50 U.S. carriers and their affiliates so that we may provide better carrier pricing for our system, service, and maintenance clients.  The only difference between us and carrier direct is knowing that you have the additional support of your TRCA representative to expedite tickets and to handle any issues of responsibility between the carrier and the service provider.  Your billing can be from the carrier you select, or from TRCA if you would like to aggregate.

TRCA maintains strategic relationships with over 90 ILEC’s, CLEC’s and cable providers nationwide.  We compare, evaluate and represent your organization to provide the best possible solution and pricing to you.

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