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Simplify your Telecommunications Responsibilities

Most business executives don’t have time for a lunch break, much less time to figure out which technology has better performance, or which telecom carrier will provide the best service? Now thanks to TRCA, you just might have time for that lunch break. We help simplify your life by providing a single authorized telecom vendor that understands your hardware and carrier service needs.

Singel Authorized Telecom VendorIn addition to your standard telecom issues, companies are now adding cloud solutions, mobile apps, and security complexities that often lead to unforeseen concerns. Instead of trying to sort through which vendor is responsible, you have a single authorized telecom vendor that can look at your network with a fresh perspective and make unbiased recommendations that any IT Manger can appreciate.

TRCA maintains strategic relationships with more than 200 ILEC’s, CLEC’s, and cable providers nationwide, so you don’t have to. We compare, evaluate and represent your organization to provide the most effective solution and reasonable pricing for you.

The carrier’s sales rep works for and is paid by the carrier. The solutions the carrier’s sales rep proposes are based on the technology the carrier has available – not necessarily what’s best for you, the customer.


The Best SolutionTRCA and our team of professionals–maintain a direct relationship with all of our customer’s telecommunication suppliers. Within the Carrier, Cloud, and Data Network Service offerings, TRCA’s team has negotiated national contracts with more than 200 U.S. carriers and their affiliates; we are able to find the best solution for you that the industry has to offer. Our entire team is compensated on your happiness and the life of your contract, so it’s in our best interest to find the most effective solution for you at the most reasonable price.

And, with TRCA there is no finger pointing. You can rely on your TRCA representative to expedite trouble tickets and handle any issues of responsibility that arise within the services provider by the carriers. In addition, TRCA will conduct a first month billing review to ensure that what is on the contract is in the invoice; as necessary, we will manage the billing dispute process for our clients. TRCA will take the busy work off your plate, so you might be able to enjoy lunch on your plate.

Add the TRCA experience up and our customers find themselves more productive and prosperous by spending much more time on their bottom line responsibilities and goals.

TRCA Portfolio of Carrier and Cloud Service offerings
Multi Site Experts in providing valuable total solutions to:
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