The SD-WAN Conversation

September, 2017 | The most-important SD-WAN conversation is the one you need to have with TRCA.

No matter where you are in the process, TRCA stands ready to strategize, plan, implement and support your enterprise SD-WAN solution. We’ve been part of this conversation for some time now.

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Do you remember when MPLS was new, only about a decade or so, ago? It was a terrific step for enterprises as a private global network. But, it only took you so far, and with the associated cost.

Today, software-defined networks are the next bold step, with proven results. It’s still the WAN, just not reliant upon costly hardware! SD-WAN delivers:

  • REDUCED COST (operationally, TCO, etc.) since on-premises infrastructure IS NOT REQUIRED to launch SD-WAN
  • Improved uptime and QoS for voice and data
  • Reduced congestion, packet-loss, and latency associated with the public Internet
  • Accelerated intelligent pathway
  • Can be integrated into existing network topologies
  • Simplifies network operations at disparate branches
  • Deployment and all other provisioning or revisions can be accomplished in HOURS, not months

Your company will experience no vendor lock-in (bring your own broadband), maximum use of available bandwidth, resiliency with fast fail-over, safety, security and immediate compliance.

Schedule a no-obligation discovery session with TRCA today and let our experts answer all of your questions about SD-WAN and other emerging technologies. Call Dave Ferber or Russell Yarbrough at 800-587-5650 or send us an email to learn more!

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