FTaaS from TRCA

Denton, TX (November 7, 2017) – TRCA is pleased to announce that we have developed our own, exciting, “as-a-Service” model to give franchisors a new revenue source, along with another selling point in support of the franchise agreement. We call it, “Franchisor Technology as a Service” and it is designed to save your franchisees money, time and frustration.

As a single-source provider of multi-site technology services, TRCA is uniquely positioned to perform and advise growing companies and concepts. Our business has grown and adapted to many industry verticals, such as food service, where we understand the challenges that are specific to those operations while we serve their changing environment.

Franchising a successful concept is one model that companies may use to expand and grow.  Successful franchisors develop a solid plan for almost all front-of-house and back-of-house operations. The franchisee pays for this experience and guidance, and those who follow the plan may have the best results.

TRCA’s experience with franchisees includes many with little knowledge of the communications technology aspect of their business.  Each new location must procure its own carrier services, build out the physical network for phones and computers, purchase equipment, manage each endpoint connected to networks, and a host of other IT functions.  Through the franchisor, TRCA becomes their single source for questions, issues, services and more.  Our ability to save them money on required and necessary services means a win-win-win for everyone involved!

Would you like to know more about FTaaS (TRCA’s FRAN-Share) and how it can work for your company? Call us today for a discovery call that could lead you to greater value! 800-587-5650

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