Managing multi-site ownership changes

Managing multi-site ownership changes

Selling or buying of company names and brands is a very lengthy, complex procedure for investors negotiating pricing and planning for the future. Recent stories of large, multi-site transfers of ownership by Kroger (fuel centers,) and mergers such as Marathon Petroleum Corp. with Andeavor can mean thousands of sites affected by the transitions.

Some may discount the impact IT change may have on pre-existing operations. For this reason, and with decades of experience, TRCA takes an all-encompassing approach including, but not limited to:

  • Physical changes- hardware swaps, ethernet additions, infrastructure upgrades to support new systems
  • Application changes- migration of data from one platform to another, training associated with new applications
  • Support changes- changes to serviceability of equipment, updating of support models across the enterprise
  • Billing changes- recurring billing related to technology- carrier contracts, channel-side contracts
  • Supply chain adjustment- adjusting for new procurement mandates, process change related to staging of equipment

The task of ownership change gets even MORE convoluted when franchisee’s are involved when your product offerings may be changing. How are these franchisees supported through this period? Many franchisees depend on local, outside vendors to support the physical aspects of their environment. Will those support companies be able to change the way support is delivered, given the adjustment?

TRCA is a Service Integration and Management technology partner for some of America’s best-known brands. When you enlist our support, you receive:

  • Complete Project Management services, to assist with a multi-site roll-out of components, carrier connectivity and physical On-Site Services
  • Procurement services to assist with obtaining all necessary upgrades or replacements to existing infrastructure when aligning technologies
  • Asset Management to stage, securely store, configure, and ship complete solutions to site

If your company is contemplating a purchase or a merger, add TRCA as your professional, strategic partner. We have direct experience and the technical background to counsel and assist in the important solutions you will require. Call 800-587-5650 to investigate the savings in costs, time, and frustration that you can realize.

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