Asset Management & Procurement

Your business is moving forward – TRCA is moving you….

Growing your business will mean new units, new installations, maintenance and replacement of broken or legacy equipment and devices. Are you prepared for this necessary activity? Can you get all of the pieces of this puzzle in the proper places…at the proper time?


Let TRCA do the ordering and shipping for you!

You need devices for multiple sites, multiple installs or refreshes, and on multiple dates. Coordinating this task is challenging and time consuming. Do you have the time, focus and buying power to get this done efficiently? TRCA has large OEM purchasing power, secure monitored warehousing, and an experienced and professional staff to procure 1 to 5,000 of what you require. Technology Asset Management and Logistics for multi-site companies – we got you covered!


TRCA Asset Management Procurement



How will it work?

Obtaining your devices and hardware is an important first step. Wouldn’t it make sense to have everything ready to go upon delivery? TRCA can procure, validate each device, configure standard or proprietary software, ensure everything communicates, then professionally repackage and kit components for your locations. Your equipment arrives on-time, as needed and as close to plug-and-play as possible.



Our in-house lab can also extend the life of your electronic equipment, if your company is just not ready to make the big capital investment. We save you not only time, but also dollars and headache.
What does it take?

Once you call TRCA and put us to work, your next biggest decision will be, “What do I do with all the time I’m saving?” TRCA offers and performs complete end-to-end service to enhance your bottom line and eliminate finger-pointing. Our team will coordinate with you to customize your supply chain operation, with written procedures and obligations. You control the entire process, from ordering to delivery to installation. TRCA takes the work off your plate!



A no-obligation call, today, will start you on the path to smarter procurement and asset management. Give it to TRCA! 800-587-5650

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