TRCA – 2600 Virginia Circle Denton, TX 75209

TRCA is a single source provider for our customers’ technology on both sides of the DMARC. By managing and leveraging our customers’ carrier connectivity, maintenance, services and hardware spend; TRCA becomes the customers’ conduit to the best technological solutions and service available. TRCA earns this right by perpetually ensuring that our customer’s technology is aligned with their business needs and goals.

In our ever-changing and fast-paced IT world, Service Integration and Management (SIAM) is a concept for managing multiple vendors of such services as On-Site Services, Project Management, Monitoring, Maintenance, Carrier and Cloud, BCDR, and Asset Management.  TRCA is one of the nation’s best SIAM partners for some of the biggest multi-site retail, food service, and other companies in the U.S.

As an experienced and single-source IT services provider, TRCA adds value in important and critical areas of our clients. We understand how Return On Value and Total Cost of Ownership are factors in your company’s decision to deploy new technologies or maximize existing infrastructure. Your company benefits from TRCA’s extensive capabilities to accomplish just that, on both sides of the DMARC, as we build your custom solution based on your business needs and goals.


TRCA is focused on the multi-site environment, where we solve common and recurring issues related to deploying technology across widely distributed networks.  We save our clients time and dollars with our nationwide wholesale purchasing and professional, comprehensive IT experience.


TRCA began in a Denton TX garage in 1991, and has grown to become what it is today – a nationwide provider of technology services for multi-site and enterprise companies.

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