Executive Leadership

Mike Harding CFO

Mike Harding

TRCA began in the garage of Mike Harding in 1991, after several years’ experience in the telecom industry. Mike recognized an under-served niche in business support through refurbished equipment and, with the help of family, he created the foundation for Technology Resource Center of America.

Mike is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, and a former minister with an MA in Religion. His 25-plus years running sales, operations, administration, and finance, with a primary focus on finance, has propelled TRCA to continued growth and success. Mike has worked with various CPA firms and CPA’s on a monthly basis for the past 25 years on accounting principles, reporting, etc., and collaborates with his partners and key individuals, past and present, to fine-tune and implement business principles specific to TRCA’s vision, mission and goals.

As the current CFO and COO, Mike Harding ensures that the company has excellent financial and operational capabilities to accomplish the mission of TRCA. He and the two other owners constantly strategize to improve and stay in alignment, giving direction to directors and staff accordingly.

Dave Harding CEO

David Harding

David Harding is Mike Harding’s brother, perpetuating and exemplifying the family-owned and operated structure of TRCA. He is a U.S. Navy Veteran and former mixed martial arts competitor.

David has been with TRCA since 1994, and has worked at every level of the company’s structure. David has performed in the various job functions and held positions in Operations, Sales, Operations Management, Sales Management and General Management, and fulfilled the role as Chief Operations Officer.

David currently maintains the roles and has the responsibilities and duties of CEO, CIO and VP of Sales. It is his vision that leads development and implementation of the overall TRCA strategy, leading, guiding, directing and evaluating the work of all the leaders including vice presidents, managers, directors and seniors.

As leader of the overall Sales effort, David also oversees all Marketing efforts of the company, and has recently completed advanced training and education from Intelisys, one of TRCA’s master agents in the pursuit of channel sales.


John Hunnicutt

John Hunnicutt’s current role is Chief Legal Officer and VP of Federal Sales. John ensures that the company’s legal documents and federal acquisition regulations are reviewed, adhered to, signed, and filed accordingly.

John is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, serving in Management Analysis Administration, and began his career with TRCA in 1999 after many years in the office technology industry, employed previously with IBM and Minolta. He became a part-owner of TRCA in 2015 after 16 years with the company.

He and his C-level leadership team constantly strategize to improve and stay in alignment with contemporary regulations and industry changes.

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