For Project Roll-Outs


On-time and under budget!

TRCA will make the difference in your next project, with Asset Management and Logistical Support Services!


Why use TRCA for your project roll-out?

  • On-Time

Highly trained, dedicated project managers working with thousands of experienced nationwide technicians resulting in hundreds of jobs being completed simultaneously.


TRCA Asset Management and Logistics Services


  • Better

All equipment tested and then expertly staged and packed. Our shipping team works with the project team to ensure timely and consistent delivery.


  • Under Budget

Eliminate RMA’s at the install site and disputes with suppliers on missing and or defective equipment, as well as travel costs for your in-house team by allowing our team of experts to streamline and manage the arrival of your equipment and coordinate our technicians for installation.  Faster completion of projects means greater $avings to you!


TRCA Asset Management Team

  • Your equipment ships to our highly secured distribution center where it is handled by TRCA receiving and inventory specialists
  • Our team works with your manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that proper inventory levels are maintained to meet pre-determined install deadlines
  • Every electronic item is tested to ensure it works
  • All downloads and configurations are completed before they ship creating “Plug and Play” installs
  • Our shipping team will correctly stage, and carefully pack and ship per the requirements of each install

TRCA Technology Team

  • They will work with your team to create and/or fine-tune your SOW to ensure the highest quality and greatest consistency
  • They create specific testing and staging protocols for the Asset Team
  • They collaborate with your team on pilot installs to test and perfect the SOW for the entire roll out
  • They create training documentation and training videos to on-board our field techs to ensure consistent installs

TRCA Project Management Team

  • Years of experience working with large multi-site organizations on nationwide projects
  • Several thousand techs under contract, all across the United States, who have years of experience working with our project managers
  • Our project managers use the best software and follow stringent, written process to ensure we deliver consistent, excellent service
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