Franchisor IT as a Revenue Center?

Franchisor Technology as a Service (FTaaS) for

Multi-Site Operations

TRCA FRAN-Share© adds

to franchisor revenue as a PURE PROFIT PLAY

  • Franchisees need help with their Internet connections, physical installations, voice and data service & equipment on which they will spend money for each unit
  • They will likely spend more time and money than necessary without your assistance
  • Control and standardize the technology process AND realize new revenue
  • TRCA handles all technology discussions, planning & project management, procurement, implementation, inquiries, trouble tickets, & issue resolution with ONE number
  • TRCA’s National Support Center takes ALL calls with a live empowered TRCA employee answering 24x7x365
  • All activities generating franchisees savings & TRCA profit, as a monthly recurring model, will result in a pre-determined share that goes directly to YOU, the franchisor!

Want to learn more? Contact Dave Ferber for details. 800-587-5650

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