Multi-Site Solutions

TRCA understands that managing and maintaining a business comprised of multiple sites can be a challenge. For over two decades TRCA has specialized in multi site service delivery. Tasks as simple as replacing or troubleshooting a handset, all the way through project managing a nationwide multi-site EMV upgrade are common practice within our organization.

Picture yourself for a moment - the CIO of your organization. Your company has over 1,000 endpoints nationwide that require continuous monitoring, management, and troubleshooting. You have over 300 sites nationwide that require connectivity via MPLS or other similar WAN Solution. As you manage and maintain the day-to-day, ask yourself the following questions:

  • If one of my sites loses connectivity, how quickly do I know about it?
  • Are we proactively monitoring system critical endpoints? Do we know when they go down?
  • Are we meeting our internal helpdesk SLA consistently?

What would it be like to have all of this in place? How much time would your organization save knowing you have a partner that you can both understand and trust? Partner with TRCA today, and leverage our services to fit your current business needs.

As stated above, TRCA is no stranger to PM work on a nationwide scale. Our team of 1,800 Certified technicians blanket the continental United States, ensuring availability regardless of location. TRCA has configured and installed the following technologies:

  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Carrier and Cloud Solutions
  • SD-WAN
  • Merchant EMV terminals and pin pads
  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Analog and IP-based Camera systems
  • Customer Kiosks
  • Audio/ visual elements
  • Network topology
  • Wifi and BYOD

Project roll-outs can be an arduous, time-consuming process that take away from more important technology matters and initiatives. By partnering with TRCA, your project roll-out becomes a smooth, controlled, and fully audit-able process. Interested? Contact your TRCA Sales Account Executive today!

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