IT Infrastructure

TRCA leverages our internal engineering talent and prowess to consult and assist clients with different aspects of their core infrastructure upgrade. TRCA offers services related to the following infrastructure upgrades:



TRCA has partnered with the top virtualization vendors today to provide mass migration services away from traditional “rack and stack” solutions. If your core infrastructure consists of multiple server chassis that house multiple business-critical applications, let us help by converging those physical appliances to a single unit with multiple redundancies. This “hyper converged” infrastructure reduces internal IT maintenance related to servicing multiple physical machines, and increases resiliency with immediate host failover where required. TRCA employs both on-site and off-site replication strategies to ensure business-critical uptime is maintained for all applications and systems.


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a recent technology vastly distributed across the datacenter space today. As technology changes over time, TRCA has noticed an increased shift in IT costing models. This shift involves clients migrating away from a capital expenditures model (where refresh cycles can be unpredictable and time-intensive) to more of an operational expenditures model (where cost is consistent throughout the fiscal year). TRCA has designed IaaS infrastructure as a means of failover for many institutions. When physical devices fail, cloud-based IaaS enables businesses to resume operations thanks to a robust, redundant cloud infrastructure supported by the largest names in the industry today. TRCA understands the complexities behind compliance-driven business entities, and for this reason offers IaaS strategies in both the public and private cloud. If any of this information strikes a chord in your organization, give us a call to discuss further!


Cloud Migration

TRCA understands that cloud migration is one of the most-discussed topics in technology today. Many of our clients are either on cloud-based solutions, or are heavily investigating their potential to migrate to a solution of this nature. TRCA can offer migration strategies to these platforms – both complete migration as well as hybrid solutions. TRCA holds competencies related to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Google Cloud Services, and Office 365/Microsoft Azure. If cloud migration is a buzz word in your NOC today, give us a call to see how we can assist in taking the first steps toward these cutting edge solutions. 800-587-5650


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