TRCA can provide both local and wide area networking monitoring and maintenance. If a one of your sites loses connectivity, TRCA is first to know. When a site goes down, our National Support Center receives a ticket and proactive steps are taken to inform you AND fix the problem. TRCA builds and deploys state-of-the-art, cloud-based remote monitors.  All we need is a static IP assigned to the device (WAN) or you are running windows on your critical infrastructure (LAN).


To break it down, TRCA offers WAN alerting and escalation – for example, you lose connectivity to the internet. TRCA can be first to know of the outage, and begin escalating for resolution with the service provider the moment services go down. We can monitor your LAN, alerting & escalating as necessary and assisting with restoration of critical services. LAN/WAN maintenance can include configuring internal routers and switches to speak across the network, architecting the connectivity solution, etc. Let TRCA be the one to manage and deliver IT projects successfully. We truly can do it all!

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