Platform Change

Platform change is the migration of one business critical system to a different (in most cases newer) system. This migration can consist of:

  • Hardware to hardware- migration from a legacy server to a new, more efficient server.
  • Hardware to software- Migration from a physical server infrastructure to the cloud.
  • Software to software- Upgrading a company‚Äôs Microsoft Office version from 2010 to 2016.
  • Both hardware and software- Migration from a legacy phone system to a brand new cloud hosted phone solution

TRCA is expert at telephony systems - migration of both PBX and cloud based telephone systems. We improve poor quality of service with your current system, and enhance functionality with contemporary solutions. We do this with Avaya, Mitel/ShoreTel, Jive, Star2Star and many other recognized leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Our depth of experience means that TRCA can assist as you move from one in-store solution to another. This can be as simple as migrating from one particular RFID scanner to another, or as complex as migration from one point of sale system to another. We can either upgrade individual POS units (hardware to hardware), or migrate to a completely different platform (both hardware and software.) TRCA can source and deploy digital signage, from procurement and configuring to full installation and maintenance. Would you require credit card processing? With the mandate for EMV chip credit card payment systems, TRCA has worked with many companies to upgrade, install and secure these systems.

Migration from one piece of IT infrastructure to another can be fully managed by TRCA, typically for faster business processing, or scaling resources due to company growth. Our teams have great experience in the migration of a physical server infrastructure to the cloud. This can be as simple as an on premise exchange server migration to Office 365, or as complex as moving all physical infrastructures to a colocation and placing it on your cloud infrastructure. Let TRCA advise and manage your migration of a physical infrastructure to a virtual platform. In many cases, this involves consolidation of physical servers to a single physical server. This also involves virtualization of the pre-existing physical machines, and migration to the new virtual host. We are also specialists in network design, where you want to optimize both your physical and virtual infrastructures. TRCA can custom design and build a complete network to fit your growing needs.

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