Project Management

When a major technical change takes place at a large organization, a project manager must be involved to ensure the change goes smoothly. TRCA employs our own professional project managers, able to take on projects ranging from a few sites to 5,000 (or more!) nationwide. TRCA has professionally performed project management for 29 years, and excels in the industry.


Does your tech strategy involve moving in a particular direction in a particular timeframe? Have you consulted a TRCA project manager? We pay close attention to the planning and allocation of resources for simple and complex projects. When we are involved from the planning stage forward, the solution is implemented more smoothly, resulting in on-time, on-budget performance.


TRCA is experienced in complete project management, down to the last detail. Our services can be injected into any stage of your plan – from initial idea and inception, to simply taking your SOW and creating a consistent, professional coordination and deployment of your IT assets.


Who handles the upgrade of your phone system on a nationwide scale? Who installs a new POS terminal within your business, at every location? Who does your preventative maintenance on a quarterly basis? If you are migrating to a fiber solution, who verifies you have equipment on site to handle the new media handoff? Let TRCA manage those larger projects so you can concentrate on the important, strategic technology issues.


Call TRCA today to begin the Project Management discussion. Find out how we can save you time, money and drama through professional services.  800-374-8105.

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