In-Store Solutions

In the multi-site environment TRCA can also manage and monitor in-store solutions systems, such as store servers, manager’s workstations, digital menu boards, point of sale terminals, WAN, security camera systems, and more. The advanced mechanisms and tools used to manage and maintain LAN/WAN are the same ones we utilize to offer in store solutions monitoring.   We know that when a POS terminal goes down in a retail store, business and productivity are lost. Checkout lines get longer, and customers become impatient. TRCA can be the help-desk call that is made to quickly fix that downed register. TRCA can dispatch a tech if it is a hardware issue, or manage and fix the issue remotely. Digital signage is always changing based on the products being advertised. Digital signage may also have issues during their lifespan related to hardware & software. TRCA can assist in monitoring, maintaining and updating these digital menu boards, as well as pushing new data to their displays.   Security cameras are of incredible importance to compliance-driven entities. Multi-site retailers, for example, must have security camera systems installed at their retail locations in order to maintain PCI compliance. TRCA can source a camera system to fit your needs. (See Platform Change) From there, our onsite support staff can install the system. (See Onsite Services and Project Management) Our IT/MSP division can then setup alerting and monitoring on the system components themselves to ensure proper up-time.  
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