What is RPOP?

RPOP (arr' pahp): "Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection"

Technology Resource Center of America (TRCA) has a distinctive culture that includes several long-standing and tried-and-true elements.  RPOP, or the Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection is our way of never being satisfied with the status quo.

TRCA understands how companies can become complacent in how they interact with their customers, prospects and even employees. We view service as the main reason we exist, and we even say that, "SERVICE is our LIFE!"

When your TRCA representative mentions that they will "RPOP" something it means that they see and are continually seeking a better, faster, less-expensive way to accomplish a task. Often, it means better service and a better experience.


An early RPOP to TRCA's service delivery is our internal use of the word, "Overcommunicate" which is also found in every department at TRCA's corporate offices in north Texas. When we say overcommunicate we mean that we will work efficiently and effectively on both sides of the DMARC to perform industry-leading services on your behalf, keeping your carriers' or other vendors' feet to the fire, while keeping you and your site contacts in the loop at every important step of the process.

TRCA delivers service to thousands of locations every month.  Let TRCA integrate and manage your service needs.  Call today 800-587-5650.

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